civil services coaching in vadodara


At Rugmani IAS Masters we offer Individual / Personalised guidance for the preparation of civil services exam/GPSC/BANK/SSC.

In this course we follow the ancient way of teaching like in Gurukuls, where shishya (disciple) was assessed on individual personality traits and accordingly separate paths were determined for each one of them to attain the same desired goal. We pay attention to each candidate separately. The dream of each candidate is undertaken in an independent way. We do Individual counselling of the student related to the exam. Our One-on-One programs are fully customisable, so students work only on the material they need. A single candidate sits with his or her mentor and a complete foolproof plan is prepared about how the available time will be utilised till the exam date. The whole duration is divided into the following phases.

  1. Your journey starts here – setting up of goal

  2. Focusing on one single exam

  3. In the first week of planning the whole syllabus is discussed with the candidate

  4. Starting with the basics: Fundamental concepts are cleared first

  5. Clearing doubts: Daily doubt clearing sessions

  6. Test taking: Topic wise tests are taken

  7. Shortcoming are analysed

  8. Necessary changes are made into the preparation plan

  9. Regular revision dates are fixed and revision tests are taken

  10. One All India test series is selected and the result of the candidate is compared with the rest of the student from all over India.

  11. Rank improvement strategies are adopted

  12. Once the students starts to achieve the desired ranks, then he or she is declared ready to appear in his/her dream job

* We also provide Class-room guidance for SSC & Bank Exams. Click here to know more.

IAS Masters has helped students achieve their dream careers through its guided and unbiased counselling approach. Our Expert Counsellors help students gain clarity on Courses, Careers and, Entrance Tests along with guidance on exam preparation and stress management among other things. With so many great student-counsellors connects IAS Master’s counsellors strive to establish a deep rapport with every student.

Features and Infrastructure for Individual Guidance

  1. No time restraint

  2. Topic-wise coverage of syllabus

  3. Complete study material

  4. All India Prelims test series

  5. All India Main test series

  6. Explaining topics through videos

  7. Using diagrams to understand tricky topics

  8. Extensively using maps for studying geography

  9. Use of flow charts to understand processes given in the syllabus

  10. Full study material includes basic and advanced level books

  11. Quiet study area

  12. Separate study table for each candidate

  13. Answer writing practise on model upsc answer sheets

  14. Prelims practise is done on OMR sheets

  15. Once the subject is completed the daily tests are taken to improve their speed and accuracy

  16. Parents get regular update of the level of the preparation of their children

  17. 9 AM to 3:30 PM free library facility is available

  18. 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM different mentors for different subjects are available

Role of the Mentor

  1. Assessment of the syllabus.

  2. Deciding the total time that will be needed to cover the syllabus according to the learning levels of the candidate. A good start is half the battle : If you know which are your weak areas then it means you work on your weaknesses straight on, which saves time.

  3. Fixing the time-table for timely coverage of the syllabus

  4. Help make exams less puzzling. With just few hour, every week, you can make huge difference in your preparation levels. As counsellors  we serve as caring adult figures in a student’s life and help our students develop the skills they need to succeed by giving daily targets to the candidate.

  5. Our Individual counselling service is designed to overcome challenges like student inhibitions, anytime access and instant responses to student queries.

  6. Introducing the main topic and its parts with example to the candidate

  7. Helping the candidate with video support, diagrams, maps to develop a clear understanding of the topic.

  8. Need help with doubts ? Your teachers at IAS Masters are more than happy to help! Clearing doubts of the candidate from the covered part of the syllabus.

  9. Tips and tricks and methods to make preparation easier.Hard work is replaced with smart work, which focuses on result.

  10. Giving Objective or Subjective paper test.

  11. At the right time enrolling the candidate into All India test series

  12. Keeping a record of the progress of the candidate

  13. Guiding the student in answer writing to help improve his/her score in the test

  14. Declaring the candidate ready to appear for his/her dream job exam and communicating the same to the institute and the parents.

  15. Our team of expert counsellors ensure that whether through chat or email, the quality of counselling is always of the highest standards. Expert Counselling Access for Students and Parents via

  • Chat 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

  • Emails (48-hr Response time guaranteed)

Basic amenities available at the institute

  1. Free Wi-fi

  2. Purified RO water

  3. Clean study area

  4. Carpeted floors

  5. Fully air conditioned rooms

  6. Well ventilated study space

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