General Knowledge Classes for School Students

General Knowledge Classes for School Students

Our General Knowledge (GK) program will make your child a SMART & EFFICIENT LEARNER. As a result, the students will perform excellently in their Academics, Group Discussions, Debates, and any other knowledge-based platforms of their age group.

One common misconception of GK is that it is all about knowing some factual information, which is far from right! 

Students high in general knowledge tend to be highly open to new experiences and in typical intellectual engagement. The relationship between openness to experience and general knowledge remains robust. People high in openness are more motivated to engage in intellectual pursuits that increase their knowledge.

Our GK classes are specifically curated for school students from 3rd to 12th  grade. It is to imbibe knowledge across different topics including current affairs, business, universe, humanities, innovation, and learnings from the past. Importantly, the programs are interactive thus ensuring participation by all our students and 360 Degree knowledge dissemination.

GK Program Guarantees Clarity in Choosing Your Goal

Our goal is to empower our students with a wealth of knowledge and information which eventually helps them excel in their school academics and wisely choose their future growth trajectory.

Our program aims to ensure that all children and young people gain the knowledge to live in dignity, fulfill their potential, and contribute to their societies as responsible global citizens. We provide knowledge to ensure that young kids can continue to grow and be on the right side of the change.

Outstanding Features of GK Masterclass

  • Concepts Made Easy: It is a Beginner to Advanced level GK program, which will be your complete guide to General Knowledge / General Studies / General Awareness or Current Affairs (Grade wise the syllabus and level of discussion will vary)
  • Learning Made Easy: Focus on HOW and WHY of the things, rather than just WHO and WHEN
  • Intelligibility Checking: There will be Post-Class Assessment through Quiz
  • Confidence Building: By Debates, Group Discussions and Role reversals
  • Live Classes: ONLINE / OFFLINE
  • Super 10: ONLY 10 students per batch
  • Helicopter View: Of different Job profiles and qualifications. You could take an informed decision for your career ( for higher grade students of 9 and above )
  • Loving Your Life through Challenges & New Learning: Discuss Biographies of Successful Entrepreneurs/Politicians/Businessperson/ etc.

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GK Class Duration and Timing details

  • Total number of Classes per year: 48
  • Classes per week: 1 (Fill up the form below for Day and timing details)
  • Class duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • We give a 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Secure a seat for your child TODAY!
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