Career Counselling / Exploration for School and College Students

Career Counseling Program for School Students

Do you know what your dream job is? Have you talked with half a dozen people who do that job and know it’s a good fit? That’s great. If you aren’t so sure, that’s okay too. Perhaps your dream job will become clear over time, as it does for many people. If being a happy and successful adult is your goal, taking time to search for your dream job is very important. Much of your adult life will be spent working, so having work you love will help make your whole life much more fun.

Surprisingly, the process of finding your dream job can be very fun. You’ll become a detective looking for clues in your life and in those of others. You’ll uncover what matters most to you, what you love to do, the attributes of people with whom you work well, and where you’d like to live. Our Career Exploration Program will assemble your clues into a blueprint to lead you to the work you’ll love.

Many don’t find their dream jobs because they assume having their whole dream come true isn’t possible. They pursue whatever part might come true. The problem: Whichever part of your dream you pursue, your whole heart won’t be in it. You’ll pursue that half-dream half-heartedly. Half your dream is all that will come true.

We want you to discover and pursue your whole dream with your whole heart!

We begin with your detective work. You’ll uncover clues that will answer these three questions:
1. What do you like to do and what are you good at?
2. Who (that is, what kind of people) do you like to do those things with?
3. Where do you like to do those things?

Once you know your what, who, and where, you’ll be ready to learn how to find jobs that fit.

Objectives of the class

  • To help students to set up a career goal that they love and cherish.
  • Help them choose the right stream (subjects) for their higher grades.
  • Help them make a roadmap and target a university/college and higher studies.
  • Help them to target the company of their choice/ become an entrepreneur.
  • Help them to use social networking sites and other means to connect with the right community.

Fee structure and course details

      • Total Number of Classes: 15
      • Classes per week: 2 (Sunday and Thursday)
      • Timing for School Students: 7:00 pm (Sunday and Thursday)
      • Timing for College Students: 5:30 pm (Tuesday and Saturday)
      • Class duration: 75 minutes (1 hr and 15 minutes)
      • Total number of students per batch: 20
    • Fee: Rs. 7,500/- (First Year – 15 sessions), followed by Rs. 5000 coming years (10 sessions)