Letter From the Director

We have a vision of providing skilful, optimistic, progressive, honest, and wise civil servants to the nation. – Sanjeev Kutty, Founder IAS Masters

Dear Aspirants/Parents,

We are an Independent institute preparing candidates for UPSC’s Civil Services Examination.

School students working toward Graduation or Graduates working toward master’s have opportunities to develop their careers and to broaden their prospects by preparing for civil services. Also starting at an early stage of education (during schooling or graduation years) will help you prepare in a more organized and relaxed way, as you will have sufficient time at hand.

Our students enjoy their studies. They are eager to learn. They prefer the understanding of concepts over rote learning. Proper guidance, answer writing practice, tests, essay writing, map filling, book reading all form intrinsic part of our guidance for Civil Services Preparations. All this along with a wonderful environment for studying provided by us makes us the best IAS Coaching Institute in Vadodara

The Institute was established to achieve the following objectives:

 Democratizing higher education by taking education to the doorsteps of the students.
 Providing access to high-quality education to all those who seek it, irrespective of age, or region.
 Offering need-based academic programs by giving professional and vocational orientation to the courses.
 Promoting and developing education in India.
 Setting and maintaining standards in education.

Some of the special features of the Education System currently practised by IAS Masters are

 Provision of equal opportunity of admission to people from all over the country.
 Provision of learning at one’s own pace, place and time.
 Cost-effective and cost-efficient educational operations.
 Multi-media approach in the preparation of course packages.
 Network of student support services throughout the course duration.
 Face-to-face Counselling and Tele-counselling.
 Continuous evaluation through assessments.
 Provision of Quarterly Tests.


Thank you for your time,
Sanjeev K Kutty

Rugmani IAS Masters
NET QUALIFIED (National Eligibility Test for lecturers)
MA PSYCHOLOGY (1st division)